Jaipur. Rupee in name of Alamgir II. AH 11XX / RY 3

Started by Adv. Girish bhambhani, May 12, 2021, 02:39:44 PM

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Adv. Girish bhambhani

Is it Karauli Nazarana?
Tursam Pal Silver One Rupee Sawai Jaipur Mint
In the name of Alamgir II
Is this attribution correct for the coin?
Weight: 11.20 gms
Just getting confused between Karauli and Jaipur nazaranas... kindly help!


Dear Girish, your coin:
Princely state of Jaipur, Alamgir II, AH 1169 (1756)/RY#3, Silver Rupee, Sawai Jaipur mint (AH 1168-1172/1755-1759 AD)
Obverse (Second photo): inside beaded circle:
سكه مبارك باد شاه غازى عالم گير ثانى ۱۱۶۹ 
, Sikka Mubarak Badshah Ghazi, Alamgir II, 1169.
Reverse (First photo): inside beaded circle:
ميمنت مانوس سنه ٣ جلوس ضرب سواى جى پور , Sana 3 Julus Maimanet Manus zarb at Sawai Jaipur.
This is not Karauli Nazarana rupee.  Nazarana rupee weighs around 11.4g and was issued by Ram Singh II, the Maharaja of Jaipur. Ram Singh II ruled Jaipur from 1835 until 1880 CE. He issued this coin in the name of Queen Victoria, in the year 1865 CE during the 30th year of his reign. The obverse of this coin is inscribed with the name of Queen Victoria, with the date 1865. The reverse of the coin is inscribed with the name and title of 'Maharaja Ram Singh' with regnal year 30.
Alamgir II (عالم گير ثانی) was the fifteenth Mughal Emperor of India, who reigned from 3 June 1754 to 29 November 1759. He was the son of Jahandar Shah.

Coin collecting has a curious name. It is also called the "Hobby of Kings".

Adv. Girish bhambhani

Thank you so much Maythem for the complete details of the coin.
Actually, I had seen a similar coin on Todywalla auction

Lot No. 150
Princely States - Karauli
Tursam Pal (1757-1772 AD), Silver Rupee, 11.42g, Sawai Jaipur (Pseudo mint-name), in the name of Alamgir II, AH 11XX/3, Unpublished (for similar specimen see Todywalla Auctions 56 Lot No. 1009). Very Fine+, Extremely Rare. One of the earliest coins of the state.
Auction #132
30-Aug-2020 Mumbai

The coin was quite similar to mine, so I was confused. Sharing the images of Todywalla coin for your reference..


Apparantly wrongly attributed in Toddywalla, which is not entirely surprising. Such errors of omission and commission do happen in auction attributions.

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Adv. Girish bhambhani