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Ottoman bronze...???

Started by mti, March 15, 2021, 06:03:08 PM

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Coin, Possibly Ottoman, looks like a manghir...  in the Valentine's catalog - couldn't find a match...

It is pretty worn, but is there anything useful visible on it...?!?!  any text that can be read...?!?!

Here's the metrology of it:  1.8g  ||  16-18mm  ||  Copper/Bronze

Thank you for your help...!!!  =))

P.S.  In a mean time, I am heading to Zeno to search...  ;)


I think possibly Mamluk, Nasir-al-din Muhammad I (Third reign), fals, Aleppo cf. Balog Supp. 268A. My specimen below.



Thank you Alan...
Based on your information the time of this coin is about 1309-1341AD...
and I changed the orientation of my coin... I think this way is more accurate to view the, whatever visible, text...

Also I found a similar coin on Zeno, (will post a link a bit later) only it is attributed to a different ruler...


Found the link:

only a different ruler... and diffrerent Balog - 258...


It could be either of these sultans, but unfortunately there is very little inscription left, so we are guessing a bit.

Looking more closely at the actual catalogue I think it is more likely to be Abu Bakr as you suggest, but my guess at the mint is wrong and it has to be a Damascus coin.

My original suggestion was wrong because I had mis-catalogued MY coin, and the ruler of that should be Abu Bakr, though the Balog number was correct :(

The Balog number quoted for Zeno 88220 is wrong, it should be 268A (258A doesn't exist and 258 is a coin of Muhammad from Hamah without a star and with a rosette on the reverse).

So I would say your coin is very probably a fals of Abu Bakr from Damascus, Balog 267 (741 H) or 268 (742 H), as Zeno 247528 (for example). There are quite a few examples on Zeno, but that is one of the clearer ones. Unfortunately we can only say it is either 741 or 742 H because the vital final digit is totally flat.

Sorry for the previous misattribution.



Thank you Alan for your detailed replies... you don't need to be sorry for misattribution b/c it's working process of a research done by a group of people... so every bit of information helps us to get to the right/matching coin(s)... so thank you again... =))