Mamluk Fals, Abu Bakr (AH 741 - 742), Dimashq (Damascus)

Started by andyg, December 04, 2009, 08:00:02 PM

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Looks to be north African?

4g 18mm


Isn't marked with a star of David or similar on both sides


It looks like a Moroccan falus to me, but I cannot figure out the name of the ruler. I don't think it's an ancient coin, though.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Wish I had better resources! 
Could this coin be Km 93, Morocco, during the reign of Sulayman II, 1793 to 1822?  The standard catalog lists the coin as weighing 3.5 grams, 17 to 22 mm across and consisting of the Seal of Solomon and Ornamental design. This is the same description for Km 90.2, a half falus, with an image not too dissimilar to yours. 


You could well be right on this one Richie, there are several listed in Krause with no pictures.


I don't think this coin could possibly be an Ottoman coin, though I know I have much to learn.  I think the change in subject heading is the best we can come up with at this time and the question mark reflects our less than certainty about the attribution.


This is a Mamluk Fals of Abu Bakr (AH 741 - 742) from Dimashq (Damascus).


thanks as always,
that's a bit older than I thought it would be though!


WOW Afrasi. That is a LOT older than I expected! 
Thanks so much Afrasi.