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GB token rn - rw-23 - Hayes 328-19

Started by parkingtokens, February 23, 2021, 03:31:21 PM

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Does anyone have this token with the & sign above the N in LONDON instead of above LO in LONDON
Or de WM/B one
They also exist with the other types

rw-23   328-19
obvers; RW / & / LONDON (& between LO)
revers;  VALUE IN KIND ONLY. VALUE IN KIND ONLY. / (petal spray) / (bar) / (petal spray)
B   24,6   sd


I don't, but I wonder why you are asking the question.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


I am listing all GB machine tokens that I know and the other 2 sizes have the 2 different tokens
We found the token, I don't have a photo that I can use


Sorry can't help with the token, but as a new person to tokens I noted that you have quoted what seems to be 2 references for this token

"GB token rn - rw-23 - Hayes 328-19"

I know the Ralph Hayes reference but not the other, or am I just miss understanding.

Just trying to learn.


starting with new numbers for my new site becouse I can not make Hayes numbers
and I think this numbering is good for GB machine tokens
It certainly is a massive piece of work. We already finished the tokens starting with an A, but are certain that there will be more findings and variants.
we only post tokens that we have photos of (confirmed tokens)
and could use any help