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Unidentified Andalus Dirhem: Abd al-Rahman I, Cordoba mint

Started by goldenage, January 29, 2021, 06:31:43 PM

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A friend of mine needs help for this coin. We can't identify the year:) Thank you for your help!


Dear goldenage, your coin:
The independent Spanish Umayyad Emirate, Abd al-Rahman I, AH 161 (AD 777/8), AR Dirham, al-Andalus (Qurtubah/Cordoba) mint (AH 138-172/756-788 AD).
First photo:
لا له الا   La Ilah Illa
الله وحده  Allah Wahdahu
لا شريك له   la Sharik lahu
بسم الله ضرب هذا الدرهم بالاندلس سنه احد وستين ومئه  , in the name of Allah, this dirham was struck in al-Andalus, year one and sixty and one hundred (161).
Second photo:
الله احد الله  Allah-One, and Indivisible /Allah
الصمد لم يلد و  the Sustainer needed by all / he has never had offspring, and
لم يولد ولم يكن  nor was he born / and there is none,
له كفوا احد   comparable to him
The above is Sura from the Quran, called al-Ikhlas (Sicerity).
محمد رسول الله أرسله بالهدى ودين الحق ليظهره على الدين كله ولو كره المشركون  , Muhammad is the messenger of God. He sent him with guidance and the true religion to reveal it to all religions even if the polytheists abhor it.
Abd al-Rahman I, was the founder of the Arab dynasty that ruled the greater part of Iberia for nearly three centuries (including the succeeding Caliphate of Córdoba). Abd al-Rahman was a member of the Umayyad dynasty in Damascus, and his establishment of a government in Iberia represented a break with the Abbasids, who had overthrown the Umayyads in 750.
He was also known by the surnames al-Dakhil ("The Entrant"), Saqr Quraish ("the Falcon of Quraysh") and the "Falcon of Andalus".

Coin collecting has a curious name. It is also called the "Hobby of Kings".


Thank you very much Maythem, and especially for your detailed descriptions! :)


Coin collecting has a curious name. It is also called the "Hobby of Kings".