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Alderney: Numismatic trouble

Started by eurocoin, January 20, 2021, 11:28:51 PM

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The Government of Alderney is in a dispute with a numismatist who lives on the island. Numismatist and newspaper reporter David Nash has for over 3 years been trying to get information on the coins of Alderney to no avail. Nash, who has been writing about coins for decades, was planning to write a catalog about the coins issued by the Channel Islands. Following the questions of Mr Nash, the Government of Alderney has tried to implement a code of conduct for the public. The proposed code contained sanctions like having contact with the government terminated. This to prevent them from having to reply to any further queries of (people like) Mr Nash. On questions asked by the local media, the Chief Executive of Alderney commented that he made the proposal after requests for it from states members, something the latter denied. The members of the States of Alderney were outraged by the proposed code of conduct for the public which they thought to be ridiculous. The Chief Executive has since resigned.

Mr Nash also raised alarm about the money that the government of Alderney earns under their contract with Commonwealth Mint being too low and the government missing out. That in its turn caused concern amongst a significant part of the members of the States of Alderney. Certainly also in a time in which the local economy is ravaged because of COVID, members of the parliament have become more aware of the importance of the numismatic stream of income. The government however refused to review their approach to issuing commemorative coins as the coin contract that they have with Commonwealth Mint still runs until next years. It is only then that they want to do a review. The government also remarked that they already earn much more than under the contract they in the past had with The Royal Mint.


It looks like Alderney did not respect the government procurement agreement (gpa) of the World Trade Organisation, although the UK is a party. Individuals cannot invoke a multilateral treaty, but in all probability, there is a rule somewhere in the body of law applicable to Alderney that says it must respect international agreements concluded by the UK.

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