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Muhammad Shah was son of Sultan Firuz Shah Tughluq and was ruler of the Muslim Tughluq dynasty. When Sultan Abu Bakr Shah Tughluq  became ruler of the Tughluq Empire. Muhammad Shah as his uncle was opposed to him, and struggled against Abu Bakr over the control of the throne. Eventually Abu Bakr was defeated, and Muhammad Shah succeeded him as king, reigning from 1390 to 1393.

Details about the coin :-

Sultan :- Muhammad Bin Firuz
Denominstion :- 5/6 Tanka
In the name of Caliph Abu ‘Abd Allah  (AH 794)
Weight :- 8.99 grams
Reference :- G&G# D588
Obv :- muhammad shah firuz shah sultani (from bottom to upwards)
Rev :- al-khalifa abu ‘adb allah khulidat khilafatuhu with AH 793 (AD 1391)
Rarity :- Scarce
Condition - Very fine .

I posted coin with overlay

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Re: Tughluq dynasty of delhi , Muhammad Bin Firuz ,5/6 Tanka , Very fine
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Very nice coin with clear detail, well photographed. Your overlay shows the missing letters or parts of letters. I am wondering about the denomination of the coin. It is so strange, could it not be a lightweight tanka, in particular because, as you note, Md bin Firuz had to fight to become ruler?

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.