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New Zealand history coined
« on: December 17, 2020, 01:44:16 PM »

Lovers of New Zealand's predecimal coinage will definitely be interested in Robert Pepping's book, 'New Zealand History Coined. Coins of New Zealand (1933-1965)'.

The 200 page book was first published in 2017. The pages are of large size (known as A4 in the UK) and carry fascinating photos on almost every page. With postage to London, it cost me about GBP 47.00, and I wondered if it would be worth the money. In fact, it is so packed with information, much of which I didn't know, that even if I had paid 200 pounds for it, I would still have thought it worth the price.

The books contains all sorts of information about the coins, including photos of unadopted designs and also of various errors. I had not heard of most of these errors: the Nicaragua florin mule and the broken wing sixpence (1965); the radial flow shilling (1948); the bitten edge threepence (1960); threepence with two die cracks (1935); and so on.

There are also mintages for the mintage hounds, photos of proof sets, and reactions to the coins at their time of issue from journalists and the public who sent in letters.

In short, there is something for everybody. This will surely become a standard reference book for anybody interested in the predecimal coinage of New Zealand.

To order a copy and see some sample pages, visit: New Zealand History Coined (Coins of New Zealand 1933-1965).

See also: The predecimal coinage of New Zealand.

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Visit the website of The Royal Mint Museum.

See: The Royal Mint Museum.

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Re: New Zealand history coined
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ISBN 978-0473234768. From the same author: New Zealand history noted. A book on banknotes.

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Re: New Zealand history coined
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I got a copy not long after it came out - it's a good read.