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Malta tenders coin minting

Started by eurocoin, December 16, 2020, 09:59:51 AM

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The government of Malta has started a tender procedure for the minting of Maltese circulation coins, commemorative coins and collectors coins. The tender is divided in 2 lots, circulation euro coins, 2 euro commemorative coins and euro coin sets are in lot 1. Lot 2 is for the production of euro collectors coins. Mints have until mid January to submit a bid. The tender is for a period of 2 years and can be extended 3 times with a period of 1 year depending on whether the Maltese government is still satisfied (so a maximum of 5 years).

In recent years Monnaie de Paris produces the circulation coins of Malta and Royal Dutch Mint the collectors coins.


A mint outside of the Eurozone expressed interest in the tender for the production of the standard circulation coins of Malta, but was informed by the Central Bank that it only accepts bids on that tender from mints inside the eurozone. That is rather strange as standard euro coins have in the past been minted outside of the Eurozone, in the United Kingdom by the Birmingham Mint and The Royal Mint. It is unknown which specific mint expressed interest. Only for the tender to produce the collectors coins does the Central Bank of Malta accept bids from mints outside of the Eurozone.


The full tender was won by the Royal Dutch Mint. In at least the next 24 months Maltese circulation coins, commemorative coins and collectors coins will be minted by RDM. The part of the contract concerning the production of collectors coins is only for the production of coins with specific combinations of denominations and technical specifications (see list below). The Central Bank of Malta remains the right to sign contracts with RDM or other mints who may produce Maltese collectors coins with other denominations and technical specifications. The full contract can be extended 3 times with a period of 1 year.


So no more 'F' coins for a while - presumably a new set of mintmark variations instead.