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Barbados - new commem coin

Started by Pabitra, November 27, 2020, 01:59:29 PM

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So a commemorartive 2020-dated 1 dollar coin of Barbados as a tribute to the essential workers. The coin will enter general circulation locally. It was minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. I believe it is the second glow in the dark coin to enter general circulation. Canada also issued one back in 2017.

Apparently they already started the planning for this circulation coin in 2019, before the pandemic. I wonder what it originally was to commemorate.


Essentially flying fish in surgical scrubs? :)

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


My daughter has just return from holiday in Barbados and received one of the coloured flying fish dollars in her change. Here it is, accompanied by a picture of it glowing in the dark. Dated 2020.


Looks cool ... and is even better when found in circulation. ;)