Author Topic: Sicily, Kephaloidion: Anonymous (ca. 305-280 BCE) Æ Onkia (CNS 4; HGC 2, 653)  (Read 162 times)

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I bought this a while ago to add to my Herakles collection.  Its a relatively small coin in comparison to the other Herakles-type like the Alex III tets..

Sicily, Kephaloidion: Anonymous (ca. 305-280 BCE) Æ Onkia (CNS 4; HGC 2, 653)
Obv: Head of Herakles right, wearing lion's skin headdress
Rev: Pegasos flying right
Dim: 1.34 gm; 14 mm

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As the name indicates, a Greek colony, apparently with a Herakles addiction. It makes sense, I think. When you are on the top of the food chain, your worst nightmare is the decent from that exalted place. Herakles is the perfect antidote. Not a rebellious liberator or defender of last resort like Holger Danske or El Cid, but a conservative Superman, defending the status quo, attacking bad and threatening stuff. The three musketeers, James Bond and Batman would have recognised themselves.

Herakles is also a smart step on the ladder to divinity. A semi-god, capable of making mistakes, but in the end taken up in the gods club. Many a ruler had him as their favourite deity, so they could identify themselves with the muscleman, one small step away from being a god: death.

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