Author Topic: Hindu Shahi's of Kabul & Ohind: Sri Samanta Deva, Jital, Bull-Horseman, Tye 15.1  (Read 156 times)

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Hindu Shahis of Kabul & Ohind, Samanta Deva, 850-1000 AD, Jital, 3.42g, Ref: Tye 15.1

Obv: Seated Bull couchant to left; trident on rump; legend in Devanagari above “Sri Samanta Deva

Rev: Horseman advancing right; indeterminate Nagari characters on either side of horseman

Samanta Deva was a military title and the popular coin type/style was extensively copied by the Rajput chieftains of Northern & Western India, and later by the Ghurids & Ghaznavids.
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Sorry Mitresh. Although i am very much focussed on the Bull and Horseman Jitals, only noticed this post first a week after you had posted it. To my defence, i have been quite busy lately.
I like your specimen, but it's not Tye#15. If the diameter is 18-19 mm it is more likely Tye#14.1.
Tye#15 has a Nagari "Ta" character in front of the horsemans face, like the one in this post.

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Nicely centred strike and excellent picture. TFP.

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Truly these coins are amazing!