Bangash Nawab Ahmad khan ( AD 1749-71)INO Ahmad shah Abdali , Rupee, Rare

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sarwar khan

Ahmad Khan was the son of Muhammad Khan, a Bangash Afghan who rose to prominence as a fearless mercenary. He would later found Kaimganj, named after his son, Kaim Khan, and Muhammadabad, which he named after himself. In order to appease the Mughal emperor Farruksiyar, who felt slighted, Muhammad Khan founded Farrukhabad.

Due to the scheming of Safdar Jang, Ahmad Khan's brother, Kaim Khan, was killed in a battle against the governor of Rohilkhand, Hafiz Rahmat Khan, in 1749 and Farrukhabad was formally annexed to Oudh. After the subsequent plundering of Farrukhabad by Safdar Jang, Ahmad Khan bangash returned to recover his ancestral territory. With the help of Rohilla Afghans, Ahmad Khan defeated Nawal Rai, the deputy of Safdar Jang, in a battle to retake Farrukhabad in 1750 only to lose it again when Safdar Jang enlisted the help of Marathas. In 1751, Afgan Sardar Ahmed Khan Bangash attacked the fort of Allahabad and on being unable to win it, he killed, robbed and tortured the residents settled near Khuldabad fort and made about 400 women of reputed families were made his slaves.Ahmad fled to the north and was only able to return after promising half of his possessions to the Marathas in 1752. He would recover his full dominions after fighting alongside Ahmad Shah Durrani at the battle of Panipat in 1761.

When Ahmad Shah Durrani invaded India for the fifth time in 1760-61 (AH 1173-74) his allies struck coins in his name at the mints of Anwala, Bareli, Muradabad and Farrukhabad. The rupees of Farrukhabad a rare issue of AH 1174 /AD 1760  RY 14 .

Details about the coin :-
Nawab :- Nawab Ahmad Khan Ghalib jang Bangash (AD 1749-71)
Issue in the name of Ahmed Shah Durrani (Fifth invasion of India AD 1760 - 61 )
Minted at Ahmednagar Farrukhabad
Rarity :- Rare.
Condition - Very fine .
Denomination - Rare .
Obv :- Julus maimanat manus Sanah RY 14 Zarb Ahmednagar Farrukhabad .
struck at Ahmednagar Farrukhabad in the year 14th of the accession associated with tranquil prosperity.

Rev :-Hukm shud za qadir-i bu-chun ba Ahmad padshah sikka zan bar sim wa zar az awj-i mahi ta ba mah
The order came from the Pearless Powerful One to King Ahmad to strike coin on gold and silver from the ascension of Fish to the Moon ?

Full flan with full legend & also overlay !!

I also attach the portrait of Ahmad khan the ruler of Farrukhabad .

Muhammad Sarwar khan
Jabalpur madhya pradesh .

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