Need help to identify few Indian ancient coins !!!

Started by Amitav, September 06, 2020, 12:40:56 AM

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Hi Everyone,
I collected few copper coins from ancient Indian period. I would be grateful if experts can guide me to identify the coins.



The first one on top is Mewar Copper Paisa, while the 3rd bottom one is Jawad Copper Paisa from Gwalior Princely State.



In future, please present one coin per thread, unless you are sure the coins are all of the same type. Thank you.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


The first one is from the Sailana state I believe. But can be wrong.
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I agree the first one is from Sailana State, Dule Singh 1850-1895. Could be a half paisa (4.8-5.8 g, KM#4) or paisa (7.5-8.7 g, KM#5). I agree the third one is a Gwalior paisa, KM#100. The second one appears punchmarked, so rather ancient (before about 400 AD) but I don't know the kingdom. The photos are good. In future it would be helpful to also post weights and dimensions.


Now that I look closer, the second one definitely seems to be cooper punch marked.
I'd originally thought it's just too far gone ?
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Thank you Senior members for the guidance. I am trying to identify the second coin but couldn't find any details yet, though I know its from ancient Indian coinage punched marked coin. I bought the small coin for the beauty of punch variety.

Sorry for uploading three coins together but as all of them are unidentified,so will be easier for senior members to comment at one place and get view of the coins together.
But if it violates the group rules, I shall abide by them.
I believe there are many coins which are still need to be identified.
By the way, any guidance on online reading materials for ancient Indian coinage or buying affordable books for future reference. I am quite new considering the line of ancient Indian coinage.

Sincere Thanks, Amitav!!