US uncirculated Dollar Coins

Started by gpimper, August 27, 2020, 08:35:59 PM

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Now here is an interesting one that I came across...1900 silver Morgan but it is a miss strike.  Carson City (CC) but with New Orleans (O) overstrike!  Wonder how that would happen?  AU, nice coin but wasn't stored correctly thus the stains.
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The 1900 O / CC is a known variety and is apparently relatively common.

In those yaers the Philadelphia Mint made all the dies used in all mints including branch mints. Although Carson City didn't strike dollar coins after 1893, dies were still made for them. Rather than errors in the classic sense, the overstrikes were purposeful and likely done as an economy measure. Apparently, engravers repunched the O mint mark over the unused CC dies and put them into production rather than scrap them. I think this is evidenced by the fact that more than one altered die is known.

Looking closely at our two pictutes it appears that an effort was made to file off the CC mark before applying an O mark over them. The CC is very faint and could easily be overlooked.

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Fascinating.  Learn something everyday!
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