Author Topic: Sultans of Dehli, Sikandar Lodi, 1/4 Tanka, dar al mulk Dehli, Unlisted in G/G  (Read 44 times)

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The following coin weighs 2.02 g.. The reverse clearly reads 'dar al mulk dehli... The obverse reads as Sikandar Shah. The style in which Sikandar is written rules out Sikandar Shah I and stylistically it resembles the way Sikandar is written on coins of Sikandar Shah Lodi... G/G does not mention any coin of Sikandar Shah Lodi with mint name dar al mulk Dehli.. His immediate predecessor Bahlul Lodi has coins with mint name dar al mulk dehli... This is a quarter Tanka of Sikandar Shah Lodi unlisted in G/G... Thanks......Rajagopal
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Sharp eye ! Agree that the coin stylistically seems best to fit with the Lodis. I think especially for the smaller fractions there are many more types than present in G&G