Gibraltar: COVID-19 50 pence 2020

Started by eurocoin, July 16, 2020, 07:09:16 PM

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I have come acros these images of an alleged COVID-19 commemorative 50p coin of Gibraltar. They were released by coin dealer LPM in Hong Kong. Allegedly 100,000 pieces will be produced. The piece looks very crude. It does not depict the Pobjoy mintmark. The portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is also not included on it, although it is known that Gibraltar has recently issued certain collectors coins without it. The technical specifications of the piece are the same as those used for normal 50 pence coins.

The Government of Gibraltar has not (yet?) given approval for the release of a coin like this. It is well possible that it is a fantasy piece although the information originates from a reliable major coin dealer.

I have enquired at the Gibraltar National Mint and Pobjoy Mint about it.

Information via: Peter Rogers on Facebook group Coins, Coins, Coins / LPM


Pobjoy Mint informed me that this is not a product they have produced or will be issuing. They also mentioned that it is not upto their quality standard. ;) I am still awaiting a reply of the Gibraltar National Mint.

While looking at it I also noticed that the stripe between COVID and 19 is missing. The official spelling is of course COVID-19.


At first I assumed the human was Elton John with his big glasses!  :D
Visit the website of The Royal Mint Museum.

See: The Royal Mint Museum.


I think the coin is an official release although nobody knows where they were produced nor who will distribute them. I just came across these images of the packaging in which the BU coins are going to be sold. The type of packaging looks like the one The Royal Mint uses.

One piece is listed on eBay with the starting bid set at 1,000 pounds.


I was going to write something along the lines of "what an odd way to release a coin" - but then this is an issue from Gibraltar... ::)

Mintage is "limited to 100,000" apparently.
always willing to trade modern UK coins for modern coins from elsewhere....


Trying hard to believe it is impossible that the Llantrissant mint would call Gibraltar a "British UK Overseas Territory".

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Yes, I do not think this was made by The Royal Mint but just the card and plastic packaging bears resemblance to that used by The Royal Mint for its BU coins.

In terms of quality this piece and its packaging is not similar to that of any mint Gibraltar is known to have worked with in the past. The spelling error 'chalenges' that appears twice on the packaging is bad too. It almost looks as if Gibraltar now has a contract with some Chinese private mint to produce its coins. Hopefully the government of Gibraltar will tomorrow reply to my questions because this is getting rather bizarre.


The owner of the piece listed on eBay claims he found it in his change while shopping in London. Now, the piece does look circulated but..


It appears there are 2 variants of the coin. It seems that the pieces in the BU packs depict the spelling error commemerate while at least a part of the pieces produced for general circulation depict the corrected word commemorate. There are also several spelling errors on the packaging of the BU packs.

All of the pieces also depict a spelling error in that the official name of the virus is COVID-19, so with stripe. The pieces depict 'COVID 19'.


This coin "commemorates" a disease that is easily transmissible through close contact with other people. Much of the advice and regulation these past six months has focused on getting people not to have close contact with other people. So the obvious choice of illustration for the packaging is to get eight people in a circle an arm's length from each other, holding hands...  ::)


Yeah, that folder photo is an odd choice indeed. ::)  As for the design of the coin, it looks a little (too) busy but is basically OK in my opinion. As for the spelling of the disease name, I have seen "COVID-19" (all caps, with dash), "Covid 19" (no dash), even CoViD ... As long as we all keep in mind that it does not mean "China Overseas Virus Disease", we can and should be flexible.



The legislative procedure in regard of this coin has a few minutes ago been completed. It is now official legal tender of Gibraltar.

The coin is likely the first in a series of COVID-19 related coins of Gibraltar.


This is from the Tower Mint site:

Gibraltar COVID-19 50p Collection
At the end of 2019, news began to emerge from China that a deadly virus had been identified in the deaths of a significant number of people. As the days continued and the news of growing fatalities reached the rest of the world, it very quickly became clear that this was a serious disease that needed to be contained, and quickly to flatten the spiking curve of mortality.

In the coming weeks and months, the disease spread violently across the planet, and the subsequent effects changed the lives of everyone in Corona's path. However, as people began to isolate themselves, to protect themselves and their loved ones, an army of key and essential workers were pushed to the very front lines of the day-to-day battle in efforts to protect, and treat those worst affected.

In March 2020, COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, and health care services around the world were put under unprecedented pressures dealing with the volume of patients. Others not on the front-line, but providing services that kept countries and nations functioning also went out of their way to adapt and help those most affected. Everyone from doctors, nurses, chemists, and NHS staff to supermarket grocers and school staff kept working whilst juggling tough isolation, distancing, and cleanliness measures, putting themselves at risk to keep daily life as normal as possible.

To pay tribute to the international workforce, Tower Mint Ltd working with our partner LPM Group and on behalf of the Gibraltar National Mint and the Government of Gibraltar – have issued a Coat of Arms commemorative 50p coin to celebrate all of the individuals that have played a part in 'flattening the curve', whether on the front lines, or staying at home.

Tower Mint Ltd. produced this Gibraltar Government approved Coat of Arms commemorative 50p coin in June 2020, by our dedicated minting team in London, United Kingdom.

The commemorative coin depicts representations of key workers, standing in front of a hospital, quite literally, on the front line. The coin includes an inscription, 'to commemorate the global fight against COVID-19' underlines by a message of strength, 'WE UNITE AS ONE, 2020'.

Our partner LPM Group are the official distributor of the collection.


According to a contact, Tower Mint outsourced the production of the COVID-19 coins to the Sunshine Mint branch in Shanghai, China. That appears to be where things went wrong.


One of the error coins with the lettering 'commemerate' is now for sale on eBay here. If anyone is interested, I would act quickly. I expect that not many of these will have escaped the mint and the price of 200 pounds appears by all means reasonable.

The COVID-19 50p coins with the correct lettering are more common, though still very rare. No release in bulk has so far happened and, as the year's end is nearing, it remains to be seen if that will still happen.