Author Topic: Ulpia Marciana 48 AD - 112 AD AR Denarius  (Read 377 times)

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Ulpia Marciana 48 AD - 112 AD AR Denarius
« on: June 04, 2020, 09:35:24 PM »
Ulpia Marciana 48 AD - 112 AD was the elder sister of Roman Emperor Trajan.
Dating to the period c.AD 114-117 (Reece period 5). CONSECRATIO reverse type depicting an eagle with spread wings walking left on scepter, head turned right. Mint of Rome.


AR Denarius, 3.25 Gm. - 17.8 MM -  Copper alloy Sestertius

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Re: Ulpia Marciana 48 AD - 112 AD AR Denarius
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2020, 10:50:03 AM »
So you are into family members as well. Good! There are some interesting things to observe in the series:
  • The Romans had fashion. The clearest sign is the hairdo of the ladies on the coins.
  • Fashion changed not only in time, but also in place. Note imperial beards and their correlation with mints
  • The ladies were tools. The reverses are a message about the person on thee obverse. Here, the message is about the dignity of Rome, conferred upon a member of the imperial family. This, in turn, could have been a message for republicans.
  • Note also the combination of women on coins in combination with goddesses. Like the men, the women would at first have a favourite goddess, then move to being a priestess, being on speaking terms with the goddess, a daughter of the goddess, a goddess after death (as on this coin) and finally being a goddess before death, but always hierarchically below the emperor.
  • Portrait style moved from natural (Greek style) to standardised (religious style) to as similar as possible to the emperor (propaganda style). The tools were in the hands of men. It is fun to compare portraits on coins with pictures of statues, busts or heads when available.
An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.

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Re: Ulpia Marciana 48 AD - 112 AD AR Denarius
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2020, 11:32:57 AM »
I have concerns about the authenticity of the piece.