Afghanistanm Durrani, Ayyub Shah, Kabul mint AH1234

Started by maudry, May 09, 2020, 10:04:24 PM

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Kabul mint does not seem very common for this ruler. I found only one on zeno.
The year is on top and the final for only just on the flan.
Size: 23mm
Weight: 10.65gr


Superb coin from a scarce mint indeed !
Only one too listed by Whitehead (Panjab museum).
The last digit is not very clear, but fortunately there is the regnal year "first" at bottom of reverse : " احد ahd " (could be AH1233 ?)
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Thank you Saro,
Yes, 3 would also be a possibility, but I have checked it under a magnifier and I am strongly in favor of a 4, which could also be an option for the first year.