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Jersey: Liberation 50 pence 2020

Started by eurocoin, May 05, 2020, 10:10:50 AM

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The government of Jersey has authorised the production of a commemorative 50 pence coin for the 75th anniversary of their liberation. It is available from the Westminster Collection. The coin shows the figure 75 surrounded by Jersey lilies with the coat of arms of Jersey on top of it. It was designed by Michael Guilfoyle.

The coin is also available in coloured copper-nickel proof and silver proof with partial gold plating editions.


Inhabitants of Jersey inform me that although the Westminster Collection released the coin today, it was already available for sale on the island for a few days. It is being sold in supermarkets on the island in a special packaging that is completely different from the one used by the Westminster Collection. The price of issuance of the local version is 6 pounds.


The liberation 50p coin of Jersey proved very popular. It was being sold by the Waitrose supermarkets on Jersey. All coins reserved for sale on the island have now been sold. It remains unknown whether Jersey will also release some of its Liberation 50p coins into general circulation.


All islanders in Jersey over 75 years of age will later this year receive this coin in the card from the local government.