Author Topic: £5 - The British Crown, Part 3.  (Read 6154 times)

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Re: £5 - The British Crown, Part 3.
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I have a few interesting stories about the £5 coins.

David Cornell designed the judo 50p coin, but he also designed the £5 diana coin and last year's £5 coin. He said that he wanted to have the candle, for candle in the wind on the £5 but the queen made sure the coin was as neutral as possible and he had to change it quite a few times.
For last years coin he was given the design brief of producing a portrait, so he did two, and then submitted the actual design on a "what the hell" sort of whim, and they chose that. He was asked to do this because he is a specialist portrait sculptor, and has sculpted more royal portraits than anyone else.
He also designed the NHS 50p

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Re: £5 - The British Crown, Part 3.
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Fascinating. Have you been corresponding with David Cornell, augsburger?
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