Moldavia & Wallachia: Sadagura Coinage

Started by Zantetsuken, November 06, 2009, 07:03:44 AM

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2Para/3Kopek 1773
16,10 gr. 35 -35,8 mm diam ,1,8 mm thickness


2Para /3Kopeks 1773
16,90 gr.  35 mm diam, 2mm thickness


Edge ornament orientation is different for these 2 coins (2Para/3Kopek 1773)


Interesting specimens 'Lori'. The 1 Para/3 Dengi looks the best. Maybe due to it having a smaller surfac, that may account to why it's a bit easier to find this denomination in higher grades. I also like how you included photos of the edges. There were a couple types of edge patterns for the different denominations. Here's an image of them. The image on the left is the edge pattern for the 5 Kopek coin, the right if for the 1 Para/3 Dengi, and 2 Para/3 Kopek coins. Whether other patterns exist or not, I'm not certain.