Durrani, Mahmud Shah 2nd reign / rupee of Ahmadshahi dated 1228 AH

Started by Desibot, March 24, 2020, 07:07:28 PM

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Hi guys hope you are all well

Please help id this coin



Nice!  Arabic silver I think.  Can we get the weight and such?
The Chief...aka Greg


Superb coin (and picture) !
Yes : Durrani / Mahmud Shah 2nd reign (1224-1233 AH) dated 1228 AH
"zarb Ahmadshahi 1228 : ضرب احمدشاهی " (= Qandahar) /  1st couplet of Mahmud Shah on the lower picture
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Just found it...that is a very nice coin.  Almost Museum quality I would think.  Qatar maybe?
The Chief...aka Greg


The thickness of the coin and especially the die that leaves a wide border on one side is typical for the Iran/Afghanistan area, Greg. The mint is identified as Qandahar, which is in Afghanistan. The Durrani dynasty was pretty ... uhhh ... expansive, plundering and looting the neighbours, alive or dead. The date, 1228 AH, is quite clear. It can be converted to 1813 AD, within the second reign of Mahmud Shah Durrani.

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Dear Desibot, your coin:
Afghanistan, Durrani, Mahmud Shah, 2nd reign, AH1228/1813 AD, AR Rupee, Ahmadshahi (Qandahar) mint (AH 1224-1233/1809-1818 AD)
Obverse (First photo): Persian inscription, سکه بر زر زد بتوفیق اله خسرو گیتی ستان محمود شاه , Sekka bar zar zad bi-tawfiq Ilah Khosrow-e Giti-setan Mahmud shah, meaning, " This coin with the grace of God, bears the name of Mahmoud Shah, another Khosrow of the world".
Reverse (Second photo): Legends within thin circle surrounded by dotted circle, ضرب أحمد شاهى , Zarb Ahmadshahi (also known as Ashraf al-Bilad, later from AH 1271 as Qandahar), the date is " 1228 ۱۲۲۸ " at 4 O'clock.
Please note that Mahmud Shah Durrani محمود شاہ درانی was born Prince and the ruler of the Durrani Empire (Afghanistan) between AH1216/1801 AD and AH1218/1803 AD, and again between AH1224/1809 AD and AH1233/1818 AD, he was the son of Timur Shah Durrani and grandson of Ahmad Shah Durrani.

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