Author Topic: Shah Jahan III. Rupee. mint: Surat. RY 2. Contemporary forgery?  (Read 111 times)

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Shah Jahan III ruled for less then 1 year (about 10 months) from 10December 1759 – 10 October 1760. So even if his reign spread across two Hijri years, the Regnal year would be 1 or ahd as the Mughals noted it.

Here is a coin issued in name of this ruler from Surat with the RY 2 (date is off the flan). Weight is 11.34 g. Again a weight which is just within the border line of the permitted weight.

It appears that the coin may be a forgery / copper core silvered to give the appearance of a rupee.

Even though it amy be a forgery, my question is: it would have copied some original coin. So how come year 2? I have one coin of Bharuch mint also which has the RY 2 (again date off) in name of Shah Jahan III - which was the only known coin when I picked it up (but now there is one more known but which does not show the RY.

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Re: Shah Jahan III. Rupee. mint: Surat. RY 2. Contemporary forgery?
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Indeed, the patina says "copper". So why 2?

Maybe the die cutter was illiterate enough not to understand the characters, but literate enough to have seen many other coins? Or maybe the die cutter made this during the final months of the reign af Shah Jahan III and he was hoping or even expecting he'd hold out for some more months. By using year 2, the coin might have been longer in circulation without attracting the attention of the shroffs. Meanwhile, it would have changed hands moree often, making it far more difficult to trace it back to thee maker? Or maybe the coin was meant as an ornament or for religious purposes and the 2 was a form of protection against the wrath of the judge?

Whatever the case, that is a really interesting piece.

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