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Started by kena, March 31, 2020, 07:35:06 PM

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as reported by Paul Gilkes, Coin World Senior Editor for U.S. Coins.

The U.S. Mint announced that the San Francisco Mint was shuttered indefinitely March 18, with no specific date available for resuming production. The closure idles output of Proof coins for collector sets as well as half dollars for the 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame commemorative coin program.

Todd Martin, the U.S. Mint's acting director for the Office of Corporate Communications, released the following statement to Coin World March 31 about the closure:

"As the global impacts of COVID-19 continue to evolve, United States Mint leadership's top priority remains the health, safety, and well-being of the Mint workforce," according to Martin's email statement. "As part of the Federal Government, the Mint has and will continue to follow all guidance provided to the Federal Government, to include the information provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"As we do this, decisions made will undoubtedly impact the on sale dates, availability, and delivery of some of our numismatic products. One decision made recently is the temporary shutdown of the Mint facility in San Francisco.

"Mint facilities in Denver and Philadelphia continue to produce circulating coinage to facilitate commerce, and we continue to meet Fed [Federal Reserve] demand. I encourage you to use the United States Mint catalog site US Mint Catalog - Silver and Gold Coins, Numismatic Supplies and Gifts as your primary source of the most current information on product and service status.


I think that's prudent under the circumstances. The San Francisco mint isn't an essential facility right now, but Philadelphia and Denver are. Thanks for the info, kena.

Always Faithful


The West Point Mint was also closed for a few days after an employee tested positive for COVID-19, however it has now reopened.


All US Mint facilities have now ceased production of products for collectors (e.g. collectors coins and coin sets). The mints will still only produce circulation coins and bullion coins.


Here is an update that I received from the US Mint:

U.S. Mint Temporarily Suspends Production of Numismatic Products 

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.
Robert Burns, 1785

Understatement. In our last issue, we were looking forward to springtime and the joys that come with it—longer, warmer days, basketball season's end and baseball's beginning, and the ability to continue to offer a wonderful and diverse selection of our collector products. But quite suddenly, everything has changed—we're down to appreciating the warmer weather, albeit from guarded distances.

Today we face ongoing uncertainty regarding nearly every aspect of life as we know it. Not surprisingly, this includes the U.S. Mint's production facilities. We continue to produce our congressionally-mandated circulating coinage and bullion to support day-to-day commerce, but production of our numismatic products has been suspended for the time being. That said, we still have lots to offer—take a look! 

Coming in April: Gold and Silver 

A look at our Product Schedule shows way too many TBDs for our liking. But meanwhile, there are two exciting products that will soon be available:

2020 American Buffalo One Ounce Gold Proof Coin, on sale April 9

2020 United States Mint Silver Proof Set® —with a 2020 "W" Reverse Proof Nickel—on sale April 17. The current product limit for this set is 190,960. However, additional units may be produced as circumstances allow.

Both products will go on sale at noon ET. Click the above product links to sign up for "Remind Me" messages, and you'll be ready! 

Delay of Game: Basketball Coin Program Launch Postponed

Although the launch of the 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame 60th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Program has been delayed, we are looking forward to setting a new on-sale date. Hopefully by the time you open our May edition, this will have been determined. We thank you for your patience and promise it will be worth the wait.


190,960 seems to be a low mintage for the set since will have one of the special Nickels for 2020.