Field Day: Tientjes

Started by Pellinore, February 17, 2020, 10:03:57 AM

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Tientjes ('Tens'), popular blue banknotes worth 10 Dutch guilders, were used as advertising material. Here is the Field Day collection. The oversize one is a 1953 model (still in use in the early 1960s), printed on one side only. The left ones are 1968 models (revolutionary design by Ootje Oxenaar), also larger than the original. The right one was treated in this thread, I included it because it has regular size.

The large one was meant for the milkman: supermarkets were selling evaporated milk for coffee, so the milkman (in those Dutch days still often with a pony-drawn vehicle) should do the same: Sterovita! 'Put this tenner in your pocket. You are entitled to it!'
The Sterovita brand name was used in the 1958-1968 period. It is an accurate reproduction of the original ten guilder note, but signed by Bank President 'Sterovita' and Bank Secretary 'De Beste'.

The two 1968 models, both also oversized but remarkably well copied from the original, colors, signatures and all, are for Schoenenreus ('Shoe Giant') and dated 1999, and Hij ('He'), a fashion concern.

-- Paul