Gibraltar: Labours of Hercules 2 pounds series

Started by eurocoin, November 15, 2019, 11:03:53 AM

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Scary how the 5th coin is nowhere in ebay, whereas the first 4 are easy to see and 6th and 7th are on as well...


Anyone who already has some of these, make sure you check the edge of the coins. A remarkable amount of partial collar errors have been found on the Hercules 2 pound coins. The edge should be completely reeded without any smooth parts around the coin. An example of a partial collar error on a Hercules coin can be seen below. Not on all coins with this partial collar error the portion of the edge that is flat is as large as on this one.

At least 1 Hercules coin has also been found that was double struck and struck off-center.


8th and 9th coins from series were released today: The Mares of Diomedes and The Girdle of Hyppolyte.

Unfortunately, I read the e-mail after 40 minutes and of course coins were no more avaliable.


Email them immediately to get your name on the waiting list for coins 8 and 9. There is a significant chance that you will then eventually be able to order them.




On some of the Diomedes coins (the 8th coin in the series) both sides are extremely frosted which makes it stand out from the other coins in the series. All of the 9th coin in the series, which the first people today received too, have the normal level of frosting for diamond finish coins, similar to the other coins in the series.

It seems that proof quality dies may have mistakenly been used for the production of some of the Diomedes coins, although there is currently no news on whether the 2020-dated Labours of Hercules series will be issued in proof quality.



The waiting list for coins 8 and 9 has now closed. All people on the list who will be allowed to buy coins 8 and 9 have been contacted.


Quote from: eurocoin on June 03, 2020, 11:54:09 AM
The waiting list for coins 8 and 9 has now closed. All people on the list who will be allowed to buy coins 8 and 9 have been contacted.

:( Managed to get the first 7! Might have to check eBay.


Seems that I'm the lucky one: I menaged to order 2 pieces 8th and 9th and I received both versions of 8th coin :) Need to open the capsule and check 5th piece too to see which version of edge I have.


The tenth and eleventh coins in The Labours of Hercules were issued few minutes ago.
These stunning coins feature The Cattle of Geryon and The Apples of the Hesperides. The obverse of the coin features the Pobjoy Mint exclusive Effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and includes the year date 2020.

As usually, website of Pobjoy is not working due to high traffic...


The last coin in the Hercules series is available now, click here to order for your collection or to make a free 100 pounds.


First forum post warning!  Please let me know if I should have registered this as a separate thread.

I've lost a few hours this morning reading some very insightful threads so thank you to the community.  I have a question concerning the original Labours of Hercules series (1997-2000) which I'm hoping someone could help me with?  I'm trying to acquire all known die variants of the series.  I've logged the ones I've been able to find so far but would be very interested if anyone has seen, or has an images of any other known variants.

The Nemean Lion (1997) - AA Left, AA Right, No Die
The Lernean Hydra (1998) - AA Left
The Ceryeian Hind (1998) - AA Left
The Erynanthian Boar (1998) - AA Left AA Right
The Augean Stables (1999) - AA Left
The Cretan Bull (1999) - AA Left
The Stymphalian Birds (1999) - AA Left
The Mares of Diomedes (1999) - AA Left
The Girdle of Hippolyta (2000) - AA Left
The Cattle of Geyron (2000) - AA Left
The Apple of Hesperides (2000) - AA Left
Cerberus (2000) - AA Left
15 Total

I've had unconfirmed information suggesting that there are also no die variants for (Mares, Girdle, Cattle, Apple & Cerberus).

Many thanks in advance,



As far as I know the total of 15 is indeed a complete list. I have no information on possible no die variants for Mares, Girdle, Cattle, Apple & Cerberus.
As you will be aware, the silver versions of the Hercules series did not have die marks.