Author Topic: Kingdom of Thessalonica: Manuel Comnenus-Ducas (1230-1237) Æ Trachy (Sear 2177)  (Read 96 times)

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Kingdom of Thessalonica: Manuel Comnenus-Ducas (1230-1237) Æ Trachy, Thessalonica (Sear 2177; DOC IV Type A, 3; Lianta 346-50)

Obv: O AΓIOC ΔHMHTPIOC in two columnar groups; Bust of St. Demetrius, beardless and nimbate, wearing tunic, breastplate and sagion; right hand holds spear; left hand holds hilt of sword (or cross)
Rev: ΜAΝϪΗΛ ΔЄC, IC XC in upper and right field. Full-length figure of ruler on left, crowned by Christ, bearded and nimbate. Emperor wears stemma, divitision and paneled chlamys; right hand holds scepter cruciger; left hand holds anexikakia. Christ holds Gospel in left hand.
Dim: 30 mm, 2.58 g

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In school, you leave Greece when Rome conquers it, to come back only centuries later, when Byron died there. That's a pretty big gap. Your coin fills part of the void. The Byzantine influence is clear, yet this is a more or less independent Greek kingdom. It is Greek catholic, something neither the centuries of Osmanli occupation nor the secularism that came with independence could change. How can you understand Greece today if you nothing about this period?

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