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Catalogue of coins from Georgia
« on: October 25, 2019, 04:53:42 PM »
Tedo Dundua posted Catalogue of Georgian Numismatics by Giorgi Dundua and Tedo Dundua, 395 pages, no ISBN here, where it can be freely downloaded. The book was sponsored by the Tbilisi State University. Georgian coins, a difficult subject, are firmly on collector's radar screens now. I hope authors and universities in other countries in South-East Europe and Central Asia will follow this fine example.

The catalogue looks well researched and illustrated (colour pictures). It covers coins from the Colchian tetradrachms (6th century BC) to 1834. All major types are shown and sourced with mint and date range in English. Occasional comments in English complement the listings.

Even if your interest in Georgian coins is not the principal focus of your collection and you encounter these coins only occasionally (e.g. collectors of Mongol or Iranian coins), this book belongs in your electronic library.

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