Author Topic: Suri Dynasty: Sher Shah Suri (AH945-952/1538-1545 AD), AR Rupee, "Jahanpanah"  (Read 204 times)

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Sultans of Dehli, Suri Dynasty: Sher Shah Suri (AH945-952/1538-1545 AD), AR Rupee, "Jahanpanah" type, NM, AH949, G&G D812 (11.33 g, 30.68 mm)

Obverse: (In circle) Kalima: La Illaha Illa-allah Muhammad Rasool Allah (margin) Names of the first four Caliphs: Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali; Al-sultan Al-adil (The Sultan, the Just)
Reverse: (In Circle) Sher Shah Al-sultan, Khallad Allah Mulkahu wa Sultanahu (may God perpetuate his kingdom and rule) 949 (margin) Persian: Farid al-Duniya wa al-Deen, Abu al-Muzaffar, Jahanpanah (Pearl of the world and of faith, father of the conqueror, asylum of the world); Devanagari: Sri Ser Saha
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Magnificent coin! These are some of my favorites. Thank you for the detailed translation.

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Lovely balanced design of the calligraphy on this specimen. Thanks for showing !