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« on: October 26, 2009, 01:19:40 AM »
Here a lovely Timor banknote that i purchased.

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Re: Timor
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He was a local Timorese chief killed by the Japanese in 1943.

See here

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East Timorese banknote.
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  The East Timorese banknote series is a very hard one to collect.

The East Timorese 1,000 Escudos is one of the rarest denominations.

The inclusion of Chinese characters reflects the very strong influence from Macao,as the first East Timorese notes were Macanese Pataca notes overprinted 'TIMOR'.

East Timor does not issue its own notes,but its current Centavo denominated coins circulate as Cents,as the U.S. Dollar is East Timor's official currency.