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The Netherlands 2020: Collectors coins
« on: July 25, 2019, 10:47:12 AM »
Only today I found out that in May of this year an online public consultation was held by the Ministry of Finance to submit themes for collectors coins that are to be issued next year. It is disappointing that the Royal Dutch Mint did not make people aware of this opportunity.

28 people sent suggestions. Of all themes that were submitted, 75 years since the liberation was chosen which will be commemorated on a 5 euro coin next year. The 8 people who sent this theme as a suggestion will all be invited to attend the first strike ceremony.

4 people suggested 100th anniversary of universal voting rights as theme. 2 people submitted each of the following themes: 400 years Pilgrim fathers, 400 years since the birth of Aelbert Cuyp and 50 years since the Holland Pop Festival. None of these themes were chosen by the State Secretary for Finance.

It is of course normal that a coin will be issued for 75 years since the liberation. No public consultation had to be held to come to that conclusion. The 100th anniversary since the introduction of universal voting rights was a good theme too, although all official events related to that will be held this year. The other 3 suggested themes are ridiculous.
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