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Another - old- Dutch transport token from Amsterdam
« on: July 10, 2019, 05:21:13 PM »
The transport token described here is missing from the World of Tokens pages on Transport tokens from The Netherlands. This is the token of the Amsterdamsche Omnibus Onderneming.

This company was started in 1839 in Amsterdam to provide transport to passengers arriving at the railway station of the newly opened Haarlem to Amsterdam Railway. The first railway in the Netherlands.

A map of the omnibus lines can be found here:
Plattegrond met de lijnen van de Amsterdamse omnibus, 1839, anoniem, 1839 -

A picture of the omnibus, including an illustration of the token, can be found here:

According to the regulations the price of a ride was 20 cents and half that for children under 10 years old. The fee had to be paid to the conductor upon entering the vehicle and a token was handed over. Upon leaving the vehicle this token had to be dropped into a box. When a transfer to another line was needed a ticket to pay for the other line was also given by the conductor.

In 1848 the company was amalgamated with other transport companies forming the Amsterdamsche Omnibus Maatschappij.

The tokens of the Amsterdamsche Omnibus Onderneming are very scarce although several are in museums. They can be found illustrated on the website of the Amsterdam Museum and the Rijksmuseum.
The token is round, made of copper with a diameter of 30 mm and has a blank reverse.
It also occurs with an stamped number 3 (illustrated here). Maybe this number denotes one of the lines
It also exists struck on a triangular or square planchet. The latter one also in lead.

The round token is listed in Kooij: VV001A. None of these tokens is  listed in The Kenneth E. Smith Catalogue of world transportation tokens and passes.

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Re: Another - old- Dutch transport token from Amsterdam
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Brilliant! Thank you. Will add. BTW, the software allows all members to add, delete or edit.

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