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Help with identification needed: Islamic coins

Started by zviscevic, June 23, 2019, 10:01:27 AM

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Dear colleagues, I would appreciate if you can help me with identifying following coins.
Thank you in advance on your help. Best regards. Zlatko

SVI#57 / 3,19 g. / 14 mm

SVI#58 / 2,92 g. / 16 mm

SVI#59 / 0,8 g. / 13 mm

SVI#62 / 0,73 g. / 12 mm

SVI#64 / 0,65 g. / 11 mm

SVI#71 / 0,34 g. / 8 mm

AID#28 / 4,05 g. / 31 mm

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As with the Roman coins, if you can post these a few at a time but in separate posts, we will try and identify them.



To make some progress: The last one is is Sassanian drachm. Not sure about the ruler.
The other ones are all Ottoman, where your SVI#64 I think was issued under Bayezid II.