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Arab-Byzantine, AE fals, Emesa mint?

Started by maudry, June 20, 2019, 10:17:38 PM

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I believe I found a good match for this one:
So the mint should be Emesa and references SICA 546; Walker 67v ?
Size: 20mm
weight: 3.19gr


Yes, Emesa (Hims) but this particular variety (with the K at top left of the obverse nearly laid on its back, and the reversed N above the globus cruciger) does not appear to be in SICA. I think it is more likely to be one of the 'Irregular variants' group, Sica 555-558.



Thank you again.
Where can I find the SICA references.
Is there an electronic version available?


helpful sight, maybe...not pushing E-bay by any means! Some good refences, though...I've found it useful.   ARAB-BYZANTINE, UMAYYAD CALIPHATE. Æ Fals. Hims (Emesa) mint - EUR 57,57 |
The Chief...aka Greg


SICA is Sylloge of Islamic Coins in the Ashmolean Museum, published by the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Only 4 volumes seem to be available from the museum at the moment (Books on Coins| Ashmolean Online Shop : heavily discounted, they were £60 each), unfortunately not including Vol.1. You might get Vol.1 from someone like Spinks.

[Edit] There are no electronic versions available that I know of.

It is eventually going to be in 11 volumes, of which 7 are published, and the full reference for the type would be SICA Vol.1 'The pre-reform coinage of the early Islamic period', 555-558.