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Austria: Planned Issues 2010

Started by chrisild, October 20, 2009, 11:34:50 PM

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The Austrian Mint has made its coin program and schedule for 2010 available online. You can download the list (PDF, about 25K) in German and English:


No commemorative €2 coins are planned next year, just the circulation pieces and various regional collector coins. Most issues are part of thematic series. In March there will be the new €25 silver-niobium piece, this time dedicated to renewable energy ...


BC Numismatics

  Do you know if any of them will be issued at face value through the banks & post offices in Austria?



Usually (at least it has been that way so far) the €5 and €10 coins can be "purchased" at face value, from branch offices of the central bank (OeNB) and various commercial banks. The fivers can also be had at quite a few "Trafik" (small stores that typically sell newspapers, magazines, tobacco, etc.) places ...



In view of discussions elsewhere, the footnote "Coins in uncirculated quality are not available from the Austrian Mint" is illuminating. I am still able to keep up with the Austrian coin cascade by restricting myself to unc coins.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Part of the program is to be revised, it seems. The Austrian Mint had planned to issue the last piece of the Famous Physicians series of gold coins in February. That €50 piece was supposed to honor Karl Landsteiner  However, the issue was canceled due to Right of Publicity issues: Wir müssen die Ausgabe der letzten Münze der Serie "Große Mediziner Österreichs" aber leider verschieben, da die Persönlichkeitsrechte mit den Nachfahren in Nordamerika nicht mehr eindeutig zu klären waren. Die Münze Österreich plant deswegen eine spätere Ausgabe der Münze mit einem anderen verdienstvollen Arzt.

What I find a little strange is that in the 1990s Austria issued a 1000 schilling note with Landsteiner's portrait. And now they are arguing with the heirs in North America? Anyway, the final issue of this series will now be issued later, probably in May, and be dedicated to some other physician.



Quote from: chrisild on October 20, 2009, 11:34:50 PM
No commemorative €2 coins are planned next year,

The Austrian Mint has announced, they will not issue CC 2E coins at all. The only exception will be for common theme.
(The are issuing any others circulation coins instead.)


Well, some other member states do that too. Ireland and the Netherlands also issue regional collector coins only, and no commems at all (apart from the common themes). If the Austrian Mint now has the same policy - their business. Fortunately others do issue commemorative €2 coins.



I like the design of Austrian 2005 CC (State Treaty).Pity that they have decided to keep themselves apart from other countries issuing commemorative coins.. :(

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