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Laos / Siam - Hoi money 19th. Century
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Hoi money, Bar money

As currencies in Siam, the area was predominantly Sakhon Nakhom, Ratchathani and Udon Thani in northeast Siam.
Besides the coins, the bronze ingots were then much longer than the payment in silver bullion.   
The money was officially the end of the 16th Century to Early 18th Century in the Kingdom of Lan Xang (Laos)
and in northeastern Siam in circulation.
In Laos and Siam, it was up to the 19th Century in circulation.
In the form of flat-bottomed boats or canoes with raised edges and a smooth to rough surface.
Material: Copper, bronze, brass or silver.

Bronze, length of 9.3 cm, 65g

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