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Umayyads of Spain, Muhammed I, 238-273 H, dirhem, 253 H

Started by Manzikert, May 26, 2019, 01:06:29 AM

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We don't have any of Muhammed I's coins in the index, and this one is quite interesting and rather nicely toned.

Umayyads of Spain, Muhammed I, 238-273 H, dirhem, al-Andalus 253 H, base coin Album 343.1 note (c); Album A346 (slotted, RR); Base coin is Vives 266 var IIA, Miles 145a, 2.82 gm, 7.30, 30 mm.

Broad thin flan, 5 mm slit top centre obverse, with strip cut from another coin slotted through from reverse and crimped.

Album says:
'The additional metal was apparently added to increase the weight of the coin, for reasons unknown. Specimens with such slots but lacking the added piece of silver are much more common than intact examples. Most of the added slivers seem to have been cut from a normal full dirhem, and most seem to weigh about 0.1-0.2 grams.'

I also have another slotted example, but with the extra sliver of metal missing, Album 343.1 note (c); Album A346 (slotted); Miles 157f, 2.63 gm, 30 mm. Broad thin flan, 1 cm slit in centre (for insertion of extra metal)



I once had a few "plugged" coins in my collection. They were from all times and different countries. I was never able to figure out the what and why of the plugging. Today, my best guess would be that they served either as a weight or as a coin of another type. The second option looks less likely, as all the plugs I had were of a different metal, but it may be a reason for your coin, as the metal is the same.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Hmm, I am a bit behind with the index, i am afraid.  :-[ But your addition is another incentive to give that task some extra priority again !



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