Author Topic: Turks Dynasty of delhi, Shams-ud-din Iltumish(1210-1235AD), G&G D45 , different symbols on the rump  (Read 161 times)

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Sultan - Shams-ud-din Iltumish
          (AH  607-633/1210-1235AD),
Mint - Dehli .
Denomination - Billon Jital,
Obv - horseman to right(often truncated), nagari legend sri hamira,
Obv: bull to left, above, nagari legend suritana sri samasadina,
Weight - 3.64g,
Reference - G&G # D45.
Different symbols on the rump of the Bull.

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Muhammad Sarwar khan
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Your selection nicely shows the stylistic variety of this type. Whether this is due to variation over the minting period in one mint, or variation due to different mints, is still an open question i think. The fact that you got these together in one mixed lot, likely from a bigger hoard, may mean that the different style coins circulated in parallel. (In contrast to different style types circulating in different geographic isolates)

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I think there are all Delhi mint, and probably of different years.  Some seem to be regnal years - but the last one is maybe in full - Samvat 1289? (AH 629)

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