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1 Qirsh - Ali Dinar, rebel Darfur AH1327

Started by maudry, May 08, 2019, 11:51:07 AM

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Large and very thin.
Double strike to make it more difficult.
Looks like a copper alloy, possibly brass?

Size: 26mm
Weight: 1.81gr


It isn't a token but a (badly misstruck unfortunately) coin of Ali Dinar, a rebel in the Sultanate of Darfur in the Sudan, 1898-1916. See 1 Qirsh - Ali Dinar - Darfur ? Numista for another example.

He also issued counterstamped crude machine struck forgeries of the Egyptian 1 girsh coin on which the design of your piece is based. I have one of these, but have always wanted one of the handstruck ones like yours: I'm most envious.



Thank you very much.
Due to the poor quality of the strike, the crude design and the thin flan, I did not consider that it could be a coin.