Author Topic: Afghanistan - Durrani, Ahmad Shah, AH 1175, yr 15 - rupee Lahore mint  (Read 127 times)

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The year appears a little chaotic on this coin. But with Ahmad Shah and his regnal year it can only be 1175.
Mint would be Lahore.

Size: 20mm
Weight: 10.93gr

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Dear maudry, the date is clear on first photo at 9 O'clock " 1175 ۱۱۷۵ ", the digit " 5 ۵ " is underneath the date first three digits " 117 ۱۱۷ ". As for the second photo the " Sanah 15 سنه ۱۵ " is at 9 O'clock.
First photo reads: " حکم شد از قادر بیجون باحمد بادشاه سکه زن برسیم وزرازا وجماهی تابماه " , (hukm shud za qadir-i bu-chun ba Ahmad padshah sikka zan bar sim wa zar az awj-i mahi ta ba mah), meaning, " The order came from the Peerless Powerful One to King Ahmad to strike coin on gold and silver from the ascension of Fish to the Moon ".
Second photo reads: ضرب دار السلطنه لاهور سنه ۱۵ جلوس ميمنت مانوس  ,  "zarb dar al-Sultanate Lahore sanat 15 julus maimanat manus" , (struck at dar al-Sultanat Lahore in the year 15 of the accession associated with tranquil prosperity).

Coin collecting has a curious name. It is also called the "Hobby of Kings".