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China to slightly change its circulation coins

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From August 30, China will start the issuance of slightly amended 1 jiao, 5 jiao and 1 yuan coins. The font of the denomination will change and it will be in italic. Furthermore beads will be added around the rim of the 1 jiao and 1 yuan coins. The size of the obverse designs will decrease on all 3 denominations. The 5 jiao coin will become silver coloured as it will be made out of nickel plated steel, like the other 2 coins. It will now also have an inner polygonal rim to aid the blind. The 1 Yuan will have a latent image and a security feature on its edge.

In the images, at the top the new coins can be seen with below it the old coins for comparison.

Where are the images?

See here

China issues new banknotes and coins | South China Morning Post

Seems that webp images cannot be displayed here. But you can download the files from the links that eurocoin posted, and then view them ...

Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 And the fifth slide

Ah yes, the video works too. Thanks to both of you!


The images in my message work perfectly fine on my phone.


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