Author Topic: Turks dynasty of Dehli, D0059, Shams al-Din Iltutmish, BI Jital, Lahore,  (Read 62 times)

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Sultans - Shams al-Din Iltutmish (AH607-633/AD1210-1235)
Denomination - Jital
Weight - 3.5 gram
Mint: Lahore ?
Metal: Billon
Legend on rev : shams al-dunya wa 'l din iltutmish al-sultan
Ref.: Goron/Goenka D59

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Again a nice characteristic type you aquired !
I agree with the question mark after Lahore as mintplace, for we really do not know. Also there seem to be two subtypes of this one, which may or may not come from the same mint.