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Another coin from my mom
« on: April 14, 2019, 03:38:32 AM »
This coin is a 1993 coin from the People's Republic of China. It's worth one Jiao, and is one of many my mom picked up during her time in China. I find it very interesting how light the metal is. Doing some research to find out what it's made of :-)

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Re: Another coin from my mom
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2019, 10:55:26 AM »
Hello Catie. Your mom's been busy. You found some of the most important details: it's from China, the denomination is 1 jiao and it is dated 1993. Actually, it's from the "People's Republic of China". The "Republic of China" is the official name of Taiwan, a large island East of China. Confusing. Here is a step by step example on how to find out more details. Mind that I am using one site, but there are others like it.
  • Go to this site
  • Find the blue tab labelled "Catalogue"  on top of the page; hover your mouse pointer on top of it
  • Select "Country list"
  • Find China and select "China, People's Republic of". Here is where "People" makes a difference
  • In the white on blue search bar above, type 1993 in the right bar and click "search"
  • You will get a list of 79 pieces, most of them non-circulating.
  • Either scroll through the list quickly or jump to page 3
  • Click on the picture of your coin, find the metal in the blue box right
Not all country issue so many pieces that don't circulate (yet), so in general, navigation is simpler. However, this coin was perfect for a first try. That site is made like Wikipedia: everyone can make changes, but there are moderators keeping tempers down.

Have fun.

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