Cyprus and Malta: Pre-Euro Coins to be demonetized

Started by chrisild, October 15, 2009, 04:47:36 PM

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The end of the year is coming closer, and another deadline for exchanging pre-euro cash is coming up. Until the end of 2009 you can exchange the coins (1 cent to 50 cents) from Cyprus into euro cash. After that date they will be worthless ... except for collectors of course. :)

And about a month later, the redemption period for pre-euro coins from Malta (1 cent to 1 lira) ends: on 1 February 2010. With your paper money from before the changeover, you have some more time in both Cyprus and Malta.


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  Thanks for letting us know about this.

Both Cypriot & Maltese notes have proved to be pretty elusive to me so far.



This is one of the few instances where it may actually make sense to hold on to the better grade old coins, unless everybody does so, of course. :) Successful investing is always a question of going against the flow...

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