Author Topic: Akbar: Dam, DarAlMulk Delhi, AH981, KM28.17, 1 yr issue....natural green patina!  (Read 227 times)

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Akbar, Copper Dam, 20.87g, Delhi Mint with Hazrat Dar Al Mulk epithet, AH 981, KM 28.17

Obv: Zarb Falus Hazrat Dar Al Mulk Delhi

Rev: AH 981 in words “Nahsad (900) wa (and) Hastad (80) Yek (1)”

This particular epithet is observed only for AH 981, hence it is a single year issue, and rare!

Lovely natural green patina in pristine condition!! Uncleaned with traces of dirt/mud deposits on flan.
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A smoothy indeed, Mitresh. However, I don't like the blueish tinge in the green. Watch out for bronze disease. You may lose more than this beauty.

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