Belgian coffee machine token

Started by Figleaf, March 28, 2019, 02:45:30 PM

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Here's a fascinating token. A tale of two countries.

OMOB dates from 1919, when it was headquartered in Liège/Luik, a French-speaking town. It originally offered fire and related risk insurance to member lower governments, but expanded into other risks in 1924. In 1957, it started accepting individual officials. From 1984, its HQ for Flanders was in Hasselt. From 2000, it also accepted other clients. At present, it is known as Ethias (link in Dutch), Belgium's third largest insurer. OMOB stands for Onderlinge Maatschappij der Openbare Besturen, SMAP is Société Mutuelle des Administrations Publiques. Both mean Mutual Society of Public Administrations.

What is special about this token is that its design and execution are Dutch. It was struck by the Dutch mint in Utrecht with a mintage of 10 000 in 1984. The date is a clue that the order came from the newly opened flemish office in Hasselt. The order was placed by Automatic Holland, who undoubtedly sold them the coffee machines, if not more canteen equipment.
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