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Coin characteristics: one of a kind


Back in 2012 I started a topic called One of a kind. It featured designs themes that had only ever appeared on one coin. Now I would like to look at the physical features of coins, and also at the non-pictorial elements of their design, in order to see whether coins with unique features also exist.


Madagascar, 2 ariary, 2003.

"ARIARY ROA" translates as "TWO ARIARY". This is in addition to "ariary 2" at the top of the reverse design.

It is common enough see the denominational numerals given in both letters and figures, e.g. "FIFTY  50  PENCE". However, I have never before seen the whole description, including the name of the currency unit or subunit, shown twice - in words and numerals - on one side of the coin. Am I wrong?


Portugal, 2.5 euros, 2013.  100th Anniversary of the first Portuguese submarine: Espadarte.

Notice the inner rim of this coin, on obverse and reverse. It is half round and half scalloped. Is this a unique coin?

In 1989 and 1991, the reverse of the 25 centavos coin of the Dominican Republic appeared with beads (or dots or pearls) around the rim. In 1990 only, the same design appeared without beads.

Do we know of any other such examples?

Both coins are of the same size - only the images sizes here are different.


To my knowledge, the Isle of Man 20 pence coin of 2017 is the only polygonal coin that has a wide raised rim on one side but not on the other.

This is a true polygonal coin, and not a circular coin with a polygonal rim.


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