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Medals of Dishonour
« on: October 11, 2009, 05:56:25 PM »
The British museum put up a great special exhibition on satyrical medals. The first room contained 23 historic medals from 1588 to 1939. This room was easily dominated by the evil master of the satyrical medal, Karl Goetz. The British Museum has the good taste to recognize that he was right with his Lusitania medal and balances that with his utterly deplorable "watch on the Rhine" medal.

The second room presented 13 modern medals. Unfortunately, the latter were all presented by the British Art Medal Trust resulting in a strong Anglo-centric bias. Nevertheless, the exhibition was an eye-opener for the interested, showing not only how even over 400 years ago politics and politicians were ridiculed for being disconnected to reality and how taxes were resisted. It also gave a refreshing look at the modern "art medal", which owes little to traditional coins and much to much to sculpture.

The catalogue of the exhibition is a prize. The medals of the exhibition are all shown big size, with sumptuous enlargements and an extensive description of each medal and its background. I addition, there is an excellent introduction, notes, bibliography and index.
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