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Started by chrisild, March 07, 2019, 02:10:21 PM

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The Austrian Mint has decided to not make "product folders" any more. Those illustrated folders or flyers that used to come with their coins are quite popular but have also caused problems. Here is the mint's statement in German:

Information über das Ende von Produktfoldern der Münze Österreich AG
(At this stage the English language version of the site does not have this text.)

One reason for this decision is that many who buy modern Austrian coins from third parties expect the folder to be part of the product, and even complain when it is not sold along with the coin. Another issue is that some folders use images of or from those folders for their sales which could be a copyright and/or trademark problem.

The mint will still provide the necessary information about a coin, primarily via the mint magazine and the website. Folders about current issues (and future coins in current series) will be continued, as well as the small and fairly plain certificates with the technical data.



That's a very good decision IMO. I always thought that Austrian mint was overspending on packaging of the coins which were being dispatched to its customers. Just to accommodate the paper flyer in the letter, they were using a big, thick letter so that the flyer doesn't get folded (this is my guess, but quite possible considering how professional the Austrian mint is)!

In absence of the flyer, then can possible use a much, much smaller letter size now! 8)

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